WordPress – For The Better

May 5, 2015


Good morning. Welcome, welcome. I said to move from blogger to WordPress and I did it, finally.

Moving To WordPress

The quote I always rest by my side that goes “why stay where you are when you can get better?” (in obvious regards to appropriate things, meaning I’m not asking you to dump whoever you’re with to be with somebody richer or hotter) has triggered my decision in the move. Publishing this blog as I learn my way into the advanced world of blogmosphere and initially planning on moving some important or high traffic posts over but it is too much of a hassle while I struggle to sort out the different ways of coding from both sides. To which I decided it’s best leaving everything behind. is there to stay so posts that may have helped will still be present for you to look back to. I am changing things around, pertaining to the blogging style and length especially. Types of posts will still be similar, just a different way of piecing them together and needless to say, I am still me, except better.

This will not be possible without Kelvin, though. He was the behind-the-scene who helped me with all the things I still can’t understand, so basically everything from setting up to more setting up to more more setting up. It felt endless when you’re at it. I’m still absorbing. Making you read so far only to summarize the whole thing down to, in short, he took care of the hard work like how he would always for me.

The line spacing between paragraphs still bothers me.

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