What’s In My Travel Beauty Bag

September 13, 2016

Travel beauty bag first-timer.

I took a plane for the very first time in twenty one years. Although it may have seemed like I have planned to bring this travel beauty bag on flight, I haven’t. I ended up throwing it into the luggage my uncle borrowed us to avoid unnecessary approach or confrontations – but no way am I going to leave this simple mystery unsolved; will definitely try to bring it with me the next time around!

I have the tendency of over-packing (even for staycations) so I told myself only to bring what I need. Thought I did great but nah. Surprise untouched products – cooling spring water spray and contact lenses. The two main things I reminded myself to carry for many reasons, ended up abandoned. Now hear me out because I have reasons to counteract my first reasons.

Firstly, 3 days with 2 days actually going around (plus we don’t have all the freedom and time in the world) is not half close enough. This was a hella rushed trip, rushing to somewhere, rushing back and rushing out again. It almost felt like I was in amazing race or some sort of marathon kind of competition.

It was quite an intense kind of fun. There really wasn’t any time to check or think about wanting to use the spring water to get away from the heat, at all. Contact lenses? To even have enough time to slap enough makeup to look presentable… should already consider yourself lucky.

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