This Week: New Theme

June 7, 2015

With the huge move from Blogger to WordPress as I’ve going on about, I figured it’s only appropriate to reward myself with a theme to go with it. Also, it was a damn good reason to – normally I would look for sponsorship among the people around; I can’t convince myself enough – still, always better to use your own money for something you’d call yours.

Spending years familiarizing the HTML coding on Blogger only to spend an amount of money to get a theme already made. I just really couldn’t. Though themes for WordPress are pricier and while I change the style of my image online, it will only take an amount of unnecessary time to learn about the different way of coding. I take time on the Internet world probably way too seriously.

What do you feel about purchasing themes in which if willing to invest a decent amount of time, you could code it out yourself?

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