The Adult Life

July 8, 2016

I’m huge about talking life, I especially love talking about my life.
Here are a few things I learnt that I wish I had experiences on earlier in life.

You will be able to see so much more making friendships than doing life alone.

One realistic fact is that you will need friends someday, only the ones worth keeping. Don’t go mixing with the losers who have no goals but to only have fun. How you are actually affect the potential friends attracted to you so if you’re attracting losers, you might be one yourself. Don’t blame the world for not accepting you when you can’t accept the reflection of yourself – the people you hang around with.

I blocked people out thinking they aren’t good enough. Never had it cross my mind last time that the famous YouTube kid I really wanted to befriend may be thinking the same of what I think of the others I closed out. While they say it’s better to have one more friend than another enemy, but actually it should be better to have one more person to talk to than another stranger. Hence “I’m the stranger who will bring great meaning to your life” – the 14/15 year old michelleakj.

It’s no smooth sailing. It will never be smooth.

No more unicorns and cupcakes. A healthy relationship takes a lot of work to build and often times people in relationship has too many and too much. Too many to worry about and too much to handle. They may overlook the effort needed to maintain a healthy relationship and neglect the commitment needed in building one.

Before you know it, it’s no longer I’m breaking up with you because you ate the last slice of pizza. It is I really wanted that but oh well, I’ll just have the last slice the next time we order pizza. Firm believer that love is a choice.

Commitments are scary to an extent but it’s scarier when an energy hit you in realization that it takes way more than you ever imagined to get a relationship to work. It’s no smooth sailing. It will never be smooth, just full of ups and downs – sometimes the big waves and sometimes the small.

You thought that bitch could never say nastier things about you to you.

And you thought that asshole could never have a face strong enough to hold up the mask he wears? Yeah, you thought.

Others have out-of-the-world nastier things to say about you to you AND behind your back. Blades behind words, seeking for an opportunity to attack behind concern, masks behind smiles. Besides that you’re going to learn that there could be more than just two faces on a human being.

Always do things that will protect yourself. Don’t harm anyone, don’t throw a black pot on anyone. And protect the people you truly care about obviously, but if they backstab you then that was just your luck. I’d say at least you tried.


I learnt all the hard way so I wish nobody has to go through what I gone through to learn it.

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