Stepping Into The Working Life

July 12, 2015

Not fun. – It’s all I want to first empathize.

I’m no longer a fresh graduate. I got out of ITE College on 10 of March (final examination paper) and have yet to collect my certificate because I gave graduation day a miss for reasons that I made obvious.

Being Unemployed
I took a 3 month break doing absolutely nothing other than sleeping most of the time, making videos and rebuilding my blog. Of course, going out a lot because time didn’t matter, I had a lifetime. Boring but free. People around are constantly asking about my working life, I figured to look for a full time job so everybody will shut up about it and I could spend money the way I like.

Getting The Job
I went for my first ever actual interview (with the ombre hair, tiny stretched ears and a little tattoo which I still have) and got accepted right away, I was actually really lucky to have gotten a full time job. Though I am not going to disclose anything detailed but I am working as an admin and accounts assistant, 8:30AM to 5:30PM on weekdays (usually got to work overtime) and till 12PM on Saturdays. The bus/train route is not at all very convenient if I’m looking into getting home fast – a minimum of 1 and a half hour is required.

The Work Week
I am 3 weeks in. Time flies but not really. It is currently 1:50AM sharp on a Saturday night or, Sunday morning as I’m typing this. With my eyes half shut, aching body and the determination of creating a path towards the life that I want, I declare that the working days are shit because it’s work you don’t enjoy, however it will pass if you must.

If you got to work for a living in which you don’t enjoy, get the best offer because it will suck anyway. A routine is the last thing one really wants when it comes to working for others but if you’re stuck for the time being like I am, here’s a song that might get you through Monday to Thursday – Four Five Seconds by Rhianna ft. Kayne West and Paul McCartney.

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