Staycation – Studio M Hotel

May 30, 2015

I have been going on about my staycation on twitter (you may want to follow me for immediate updates) and while I am still having post-stayca blues, I shall keep the mood as I pen down this post.

It was amazing – from the people to the essentials provided in the hotel room. I got to say this is by far the best staycation ever and the reason isn’t even because of the person I went with. Studio M over Marina Bay Sands without hesitation. I didn’t have too good of an experience over at MBS the other time I went with Cassandra and co. Come to think of it, MBS was actually the ice breaker for us.

I made full use of this staycation to try out my new camera and let me tell you, it worked like the cherry on top.

Some beautiful photos taken during the stay –

I miss the night walks and streaming a good movie while we hide under the covers.

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