September of 2016

September 28, 2016

05 September 2016, Monday

I had one of the worst day today. The last time I remember crying over spilled milk was after I realize I made a mistake in an answer I submitted during my costing paper. Thought I’d never have to feel that ever again but it’s a case of just been there, and flanked that to my first and probably the easiest paper to date.

The paper leaves you talking to the paper; 90% of the work you revised for is already worked out for you. We were taught to do full questions – with requirements and many blank pieces of paper – we rely on workings. This felt like an elementary school paper, I overestimated it, I’m going to fail.

Above all, despite knowing that my best is enough; I still feel like I’ve let everyone down.

13 September 2016, Tuesday

The weekend was good, actually just alright. Monday was a public holiday and man does it feel good not having to think about how early you got to wake up for war the next morning. It would have been better if I haven’t fallen ill so it was only alright.

It’s 1:50PM. Few more hours to go. May today be a productive one.

28 September 2016, Wednesday

I can’t remember what I did two weeks ago of yesterday. September is almost up and I can’t wait for mid-October to hit. The next few months is going to be very exciting and scary, for all the reasons I will share as things happen if they do. Right now I only wish to focus on my upcoming examination coming early November and fuck everything else.

Quick update away from my thoughts and rambles. The cat has reached her rebellious stage but is doing fine. Note to self: She needs a visit to the vet soon!! My family is doing fine. My relationship is heading towards the level of commitment I’ve never felt before in my entire life so that’s new and exciting.

One more thing. Knowing myself, it’s best I post this today because no doubt I’m going to forget about this post like I did last week because I am seriously busy. So before we meet up at the starting line of October… have a happy last few days of September and start WHIPPING OUT THE HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS ALREADY!

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