Reflect 2015, Resolute 2016

February 10, 2016

Haven’t had the time to seat down to think about this yet and it’s already mid February. Where has the time gone?

My annual, end of year video. I guess, it’s good at least I got to keep this little tradition of making a video about the previous year and then blogging about the new year to come.

My New Year’s resolutions? Keep cool and stay classy. You didn’t camp on my blog waiting for my resolutions post for that did you – but reflecting on the same resolutions for.. what, I believe it’s 3 years? Maybe we keep it simple this time and see what 2016 brings me as we reflect this year in 2017 that already feels very near. 

I’d still love to reach more people or let’s just say I want to get famous for the right reasons to feed the people who thinks I sugarcoat my words to sound like I’m a sweet little girl. Though I personally find myself slightly too harsh towards unbeautiful things I want out of my sight, which probably explains why my twitter account screams hate almost all the time. 

I would also love to put on some weight and burn my tummy fats that is looking like I’m 5 weeks pregnant but I’m kinda too lazy to get to a workout routine. Hopefully I’ll wake up to magically surrounded by determination of looking like I’m expecting when there’s nothing to expect is becoming a problem.

Last but not least, would die to have more sleep. Not exactly, I want to be able to wake up still. You know what I mean and bet you can tell my brain is half asleep, my eyes are half closed and my.. (nothing more to type to make the sentence look complete) as I’m writing this post so I wish you all the best for the rest of 2016!

We’re half way done with February and I may be a little too excited about it. Goodnight. I’m getting high on lack-of-sleep.

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