Meaningless Whirl

April 12, 2016

Overwork is showing through the chanel bags under my eyes and frustration towards everything. My grandfather has been in the hospital for slightly over a month now and though things seem to be under control, home is still a better place to be. The family war among family members. Life is hectic, and actually kinda fucked up. Continue Reading


My Pre-Engagement Story

February 14, 2016

Many engaged (or non, for that matter) couples don’t like the term “pre-engage” because they think either you are or not. I guess you could say I’m partly guilty for that. I believe in promise rings but despise how high school kids are taking them so lightly. Very guilty now.
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Reflect 2015, Resolute 2016

February 10, 2016

Haven’t had the time to seat down to think about this yet and it’s already mid February. Where has the time gone?

My annual, end of year video. I guess, it’s good at least I got to keep this little tradition of making a video about the previous year and then blogging about the new year to come.

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Elegant But Toxic

January 25, 2016

Just last year (yup, just) my boyfriend & I head over to Robertson Quay for some drinks (and mains). Aside from the beautiful night walk that comes with a date night, I was more excited for the chance to finally show off my short jumpsuit and stilettos than the crave for the beer I had only tasted once during Digital Fashion Week.

Now that I piece out a new outfit, I’m allowed to wear it twice, right? So I wore it to visit the museum with the same companion. Elegance go well with toxic; fits the description of this outfit perfectly. The heels kill but really, which heel doesn’t?

Kudos to the man who’s patient enough to be at my pace AKA walking speed (I found an excuse but seriously, I haven’t worn heels since quite very long ago) when I’m just like F1 in comfortable shoes; being the car, not the racer.


Jumpsuit — ASOS
Heels — New Look
Purse — Coach
Watch — Daniel Wellington


The Disappearance Of Unplanned Plans

December 24, 2015

Extremely bummed by the fact that I’ve got no choice but to cut off the cycle of my annual 12DaysOfMichelleA at the 4th year. I did vlog bits and pieces here and there but you’ve been here long enough to know that I never liked to gather everything together and throw it at you like “there, this is what you’re getting” because as much as I don’t like to disappoint (if anybody actually cares if I post/update the snippets of my life), I’d still like to give my best.
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