October of 2016

October 31, 2016

1 October 2016, Saturday

Happy October! I mentioned in my “comeback” video I’m debating whether if I should post videos that I don’t think are good enough, or videos that I don’t feel very me at all. Yeah, I came to the conclusion not to. It’s still unanswered on the re-filming sector because I hate to re-film; wait, I guess I just answered myself. Never mind.

Kelvin is on duty today that means I have all the time to myself today (MAJOR YES!) and boy am I going to be so productive I may not be able to feel my eyelids at the end of the day. Or I may just stare at the YouTube logo from now till next morning. We’ll see.

10 October 2016, Monday

We finally brought Xya last Saturday to get his first vaccination and a little check up. Yup, Xya turns out to be a boy. Weighing 1.7kg at 3 months old, looking good!

I got my first birthday present from my dad this year, and he don’t ever buy me birthday gifts so I guess when they say 21st birthday is a big thing, it really is. 

18 October 2016, Tuesday

Just want to sleep. Just want to sleep. Need sleep. Other than my desperation to have a week worth of sleep, for once in a long time coming am I excited for my birthday. 

26 October 2016,Wednesday

Grandad’s birthday is a day after mine so yesterday we head over to my grandparents’ place to have dinner. It was nice. And now that all the important dates are marked off the calendar, it’s back to the reality of exhausting and stressful days where my exam is nearing. 

31 October 2016, Monday

Happy Monday. November will be a quick one but really am just worried about my paper next week. The pressure is coming from many different angles and I’m ready to give my best shot then get it over and done with but I’m not ready to sit for it yet. 

Honestly just waiting to see how badly I’ve fucked up, and not whether if I passed or failed. Although it seems like I’ve wasted thousands walking away with nothing, but I’d like to think that I just won’t be getting that piece of paper to acknowledge my knowledge.

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