November of 2016

December 3, 2016

2 November 2016, Wednesday

I skipped class today. So rebellious. If you read my previous few days from the October’s post, it’s no secret that I’m prepared for what’s to come. But really I was just extremely tired, wanted to rest and convinced myself that I’m going to revise for my paper and get my video ready for upload. Revising didn’t happen.

3 November 2016, Thursday

I’m on bed with my MacBook Pro doing my online work and it’s been awhile since I sense a sign like I’m doing the right thing. I feel bad but not really. I feel bad because people has expectations on me and while I set unreachable goals for myself, I understand that sometimes things won’t go the way you want and so I move on; I move on pretty quickly. As I move on, others might still be stuck in the whole “study, because that’s what you’re supposed to do” circus and I feel like the tiger who would just love to go hunting. I need a papers to justify my worth, but one of them may not be for accounting anymore. I graduated what I needed, but I wanted more. I was greedy and the world ain’t gonna feed my greed for my own satisfaction and pride to show everyone how educated I am based on a stupid piece of paper. I am okay. Or so I’ll be after the exam is over.

12 November 2016, Saturday

Haven’t updated but now that it’s over, I feel as free as the clouds. Rant. I have one month to decide whether to push myself into this pool of stress again by registering to retake this paper. I’ve prepared myself to fuck it all if I’m not confident in this paper; I’d still go to classes obviously, I threw in a fucking 4K. I just won’t waste another 200 for each paper I need to take after. 

But because every single one of us is complaining about how we were not taught something that came out in a question worth 16 marks and how the lecturer’s notes were all useless. I don’t know if I should retake. I was stronger in costing than anything else but I got a feeling I’m going to overestimate the paper the next time round and fail it unexpectly. Let’s just see how things go. 

21 November 2016, Monday

I’m pretty much totally over studies now. I wish it’ll never end so I can keep going to classes but I wish to get it over and done with so I can focus on things I’m better at.

Tomorrow is the day of BTO November launch.

3 December 2016, Saturday

Oops. I forgot about this thing I’m doing. Let’s pretend this is the last day of November. See you in next month’s post!

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