My Pre-Engagement Story

February 14, 2016

Many engaged (or non, for that matter) couples don’t like the term “pre-engage” because they think either you are or not. I guess you could say I’m partly guilty for that. I believe in promise rings but despise how high school kids are taking them so lightly. Very guilty now.

I’ve had my fair share of couple rings that meant absolutely nothing and wore it like I couldn’t wait to be married off; forgive me, I was young and really naive. Needless to say, those promise rings held no promise, they were just a cheap piece of jewelry that seemed cool.

One second in summary of our relationship, Kelvin and I are childhood sweethearts. We got together twice when we were 14 not knowing what we were doing or what life is, we ended it. Once each, months apart. Perhaps a saying that goes something along the lines of “if two past lovers can remain friends, either they are never in love or they still are” holds true and we relate to the second one. 

Last year today we spent Valentine’s Day together (but as friends) to mend the hole from the Valentine’s Day we missed seven years ago. This year he gave me a promised filled promise ring that outstripped the oversized ring he gave me when we were dating at 14. For one I don’t know how he did it, juggling the unpredictable army schedule and collecting the rings. And knowing how judgmental I am with things I would put on myself, he still went with his gut. It was risky following his effort and thoughts but he did it anyway, and may he proudly tell himself that he did well.

We basically have nothing else to worry about if given more time to do things or get things done but truth is the adult life ain’t easy so we’re not going to push it. We are wise enough to make commitments like that, empty promises are too 2008. 

Till the engagement ring we talked about happens, we shall stay pre-engaged.

And you really can’t blame me, I didn’t look at rings hoping to get that when he proposes or when we get married, he was the one who showed me this particular ring and I think I won’t be saying yes to any other engagement/wedding rings – I’m giving him a backdoor, for it to be an engagement ring or our wedding rings.

P.S. Thank you, the man I call mine and mine only. Thank you for your acceptance, your patience, your sincerity, your love and soul. I have never felt anything less than a queen since you asked if I would be your girlfriend. Waves are a part of the sea but a beautiful view and life it (the sea) brings. Lots of love. xx

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