Meaningless Whirl

April 12, 2016

Overwork is showing through the chanel bags under my eyes and frustration towards everything. My grandfather has been in the hospital for slightly over a month now and though things seem to be under control, home is still a better place to be. The family war among family members. Life is hectic, and actually kinda fucked up.

Can’t stop living/functioning as troubles arise – time won’t stop for you, so you can’t even stop for yourself. Tell me just how pathetic is the life of a full-time working human being? It’s a bad day they say, not a bad life they say. It’s no longer that, it’s now more of happy days but a pathetic life. There’s no running away, neither are there plans to.

No use running without escaping, no use pointing without confronting, no use grieving (about a shit life) without accepting.

I took a break from YouTube, for well over a month and then I missed second week of upload. You’d probably understand but I still feel bad and irressponsible. I accidentally took a break from blogging, for god knows how long. Man it’s really tiring. Enjoyable but draining because I spent all of my energy and time doing things I need to do rather than the things I want to do.

Last thing, somebody is renovating their house and it’s fucking noisy FUCK. I guess nothing comes easy. Have a blessed day. x

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