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First Impressions Lush Haul

November 23, 2015

I have always wanted to try lush and so I did, finally. If you’re as new as I am to lush, you’d probably find this interesting. But if you’ve been a fan of lush then you will picture me as a frog in the well at the end of this.

It’s always stressful to visit a store you’ve never been to before, especially when you have to do the talking because from what I encountered, my boyfriend/mom (who went with me before at separate times) both said “I don’t know about all this, you decide.” – I’m asking for an opinion, not a final decision. Damn. At least they didn’t say “No no. I’m not going in.” and thank goodness that, else I’d be literally on my own.

Not knowing what I’m actually getting, I do have a few in mind when I stepped in. Afraid of being approached by the staffs, I zoomed my way around the store with a grab-and-go mode on the highest level. Avoidable, the friendly staffs approached. Thankfully they weren’t forceful nor were they screwed up in the characteristics aspect. I went to the one at Orchard Gateway.

Not sponsored. I wish.

Products mentioned:
5 Gold Rings
Golden Wonder
Dragon’s Egg
So White
Magic Wand

I’ve used the first (5 Gold Rings), third (Dragon’s Egg), forth (So White) and fifth (Magic Wand). My personal favorite now is So White and probably small doses of Magic Wand. Dragon’s egg mixed with 2 Gold Rings smells not bad, smells good on its own too. A little warning, one out of 5 Gold Rings will not do the bath well enough. I was naive and I forgive myself. I used 3 Gold Rings for the “pamper evening” kind of bath feel, so just one won’t get you anywhere.

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