Letting Go 5 Years Worth Of Hard Work

April 15, 2017

Something I hold dearest; played the biggest part in the hardest and most fruitful stage of my life. I want to let go. I am desperate to let go and maybe, start again.

I needed the change. I was starting to stress over a past I could not change, who I was before is not who I am now and I feel sick knowing it’s part of my work, part of something I should be fully proud of. Kinda embarrassed not gonna lie. Though I love that we have the privilege to look back at how much we’ve grown at the click of a button, and I surely am proud of who I’ve become but I wasn’t proud of who I was. That’s when I started to take breaks from YouTube.

Felt like shit being away from the only thing you feel like you’ve achieved so far in life. The worries that came with it and the pressure you splash on yourself when you’re wanting to come back. It almost feels like a relationship you want so bad that’s just not working out. With slightly over a thousand subscribers but only that little view counts, I really don’t know what went wrong but that definitely added to the urge to leave everything behind so that’s exactly what I decided to do.

Yes, I am letting go of my old YouTube channel – one I’ve put in nothing but 5 years worth of effort and love into. I won’t delete the channel or any of the videos because I’m such a memory hoarder and now here’s my new YouTube channel; no custom URL yet, so ugly I know, but if you still care at all, do subscribe. See you all there for a new adventure x

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