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Denim On Black

November 20, 2016

Though liking the look of denim on black I’ve always find denim outerwear to be restricting. I own a well fitted denim button up from topshop that I wear by itself or as an outerwear, my heart broke when its pearl button got scratched. I then went to get a cheap fake dark denim (meaning just your regular navy blue button up) that probably wasn’t that cheap at all, to wear it as an outerwear since it’s cotton and not actually denim.

Nothing beats the real deal so I went on a hunt for the perfect denim but my friend heard my struggle and had a denim button up to spare to which I gladly accepted. It’s been sitting in my closet for a good 11 months now; wanted to wear it for Christmas dinner last year but I took it off before heading out because man, it was so HUMID I was not in to put up with the movement restriction crap.

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Elegant But Toxic

January 25, 2016

Just last year (yup, just) my boyfriend & I head over to Robertson Quay for some drinks (and mains). Aside from the beautiful night walk that comes with a date night, I was more excited for the chance to finally show off my short jumpsuit and stilettos than the crave for the beer I had only tasted once during Digital Fashion Week.

Now that I piece out a new outfit, I’m allowed to wear it twice, right? So I wore it to visit the museum with the same companion. Elegance go well with toxic; fits the description of this outfit perfectly. The heels kill but really, which heel doesn’t?

Kudos to the man who’s patient enough to be at my pace AKA walking speed (I found an excuse but seriously, I haven’t worn heels since quite very long ago) when I’m just like F1 in comfortable shoes; being the car, not the racer.


Jumpsuit — ASOS
Heels — New Look
Purse — Coach
Watch — Daniel Wellington

Beauty Fashion

First Impressions Lush Haul

November 23, 2015

I have always wanted to try lush and so I did, finally. If you’re as new as I am to lush, you’d probably find this interesting. But if you’ve been a fan of lush then you will picture me as a frog in the well at the end of this.

It’s always stressful to visit a store you’ve never been to before, especially when you have to do the talking because from what I encountered, Continue Reading


Lookbook No. 1

July 26, 2015

Getting back on track with a comeback post of monday minute.

It is no secret that I have been looking into doing a lookbook, the hassle held me back and it’s not because of the tiredness that follows, it’s the planning of outfits and finding out that the pair of heels is too bulky to carry out with you. Then you’ll be left with a weird looking outfit or just one that is not exactly what you want. Continue Reading