Casual Rainy Day Ft. Coach Rucksack

July 24, 2016


T-shirts are the best way to make an outfit scream casual. Easiest piece to work with and definitely most loved by people who wear clothes. It is as self explanatory as this paragraph and possible future parts of when I feature t-shirts in an outfit post.

Now being the summer season, it is roasting hot everywhere! Singapore has four seasons too, it’s – hot, very hot, bloody hot and roasting hot – translated to zhua, jin zhua, sibei zhua, kampua zhua in Hokkien dialect which is where I got the idea of us having four seasons from. Part of Singapore’s sense of humor I suppose.

One of my favorite styles. Backpacks are handsfree, able to dress up or down and practical. I had ridiculous backpacks of hot pinks (elementary/primary school bags, to be exact) and my go-to blacks. As I’m trying out a lot of new things this year, one of which being colors. Therefore the change marks the birth of a mini Coach Rucksack Backpack in Brown. I don’t think I own any bags that are brown to begin with; not one that I still have.outfitdetails

How would you pair your t-shirt casual outfit?

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