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What’s In My Travel Beauty Bag

September 13, 2016

Travel beauty bag first-timer.

I took a plane for the very first time in twenty one years. Although it may have seemed like I have planned to bring this travel beauty bag on flight, I haven’t. I ended up throwing it into the luggage my uncle borrowed us to avoid unnecessary approach or confrontations – but no way am I going to leave this simple mystery unsolved; will definitely try to bring it with me the next time around!
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Beauty Fashion

First Impressions Lush Haul

November 23, 2015

I have always wanted to try lush and so I did, finally. If you’re as new as I am to lush, you’d probably find this interesting. But if you’ve been a fan of lush then you will picture me as a frog in the well at the end of this.

It’s always stressful to visit a store you’ve never been to before, especially when you have to do the talking because from what I encountered, Continue Reading


Ear Stretching To 6G

June 22, 2015

This is the most difficult stretch to date. None of the stretches hurt for the past couple of times I have sized up so this was something. My advice would be to go slow but really, who has the patience when you finally (by schedule) can size up but it wouldn’t stretch?

In this special ear stretching video, I included some tips that will most definitely help a lot of you because personally I have sensitive ears and is very low in the level of dealing with pain so if this worked for me, or so I feel, it is going to work for you.
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Beauty Life

Follow Me: Grwm, Errands Etc & Thanks

June 15, 2015

Can I.. Before I get into the topic let me just rant a little about my wisdom tooth pain on the swollen gum. It is so bad and annoying, I actually think it’s way worse than getting braces. Why wisdom tooth when it has got nothing to do with wisdom? Very unfair to wise people like myself. Nah I kid but seriously, the pain is crazy.

I uploaded a video on the dislikes I had throughout the years on YouTube and gotten back a lot of love which was honestly unexpected in which I expressed my gratitude nearing the end of the video.

I really like how it all turned out while I try a new way of editing, also because this is the most productive, least pointless vlog to date.

Enjoy x

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